At a time when Hip-Hop mixed with soul music is as common as stop signs on street corners, it’s often very difficult to identify uniqueness in the genre. The emergence of one-named, three-hit wonders has appeared to overwhelm our one-named, thirty-hit legends. Furthermore, what do we call the music permeating today’s top ten lists. Hip-Hop-Iaced R&B or R&B Infused Hip-Hop? What’s the difference? Finally, there is an artist who clearly knows the difference and provides a balance between the two genres. While never sacrificing the integrity of either. Infusing R&B with j. funk and Hip-Hop, singer/songwriter Andre exploding on the music scene.

Born and raised in Newark, New Jersey. Andre honed his craft in church and spent much of his spare time immersed in the sounds of such legends as Stevie Wonder and Donny Hathaway. “Although I always loved music and grew up in the Pentecostal Church, I often only song on special programs. I didn’t really take my talent seriously until about six years ago. I then combined my love for music with acting, landing parts in about IO different regional productions including Dreamgirls and Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places,” Andre admits.

Eventually word of Andre’s multifaceted ability to sing, dance, act and write songs landed in the right ears. He was then signed to El Deuce Records, a Newark-based independent record company. The label is headed by President Darren Dowdy, also the President of Razac Hair Products. This family-owned business has achieved multi-platinum success in hair core. “I have an eye and an ear for talent, a brain for business and a heart for the people.” states Dowdy who has an aggressive and innovative campaign lined up for Andre and the newly-formed independent record label. The pairing of Andre and the New Jersey-based production duo, The Cavemen, proved to be an ideal combination, as the producers discovered a unique way to bring Andre’s love for throwback music into a style appropriate for today‘s listening audience.

While spending countless hours coming up with ear pleasing songs with The Cavemen, Andre has toured the country, holding his own as he opened for the legendary Temptations.

In addition he’s had the good fortune to share the stage with such cutting edge vocalists as Kem, Brian McKnight and Tank among others. As word of the quadruple threat entertainer spread. Even Wendy Williams, The Queen of All Media took note at Andre‘s exceptional performance skills and undeniable chemistry with an audience. Since then, Andre has joined her illustrious star-studded clique, performing at her widely publicized exclusive events.

Being thrust into the limelight and opening shows for some of the top recording stars in the business can be a bit disconcerting to a humble artist like Andre who describes himself as being an old soul. “I like artists who can make you feel emotions—love and pain and I try to express these feelings in my work. I am a laid back person, but when I go onstage, I try to bring another side of my personality to make my shows personable. There’s another personality that just takes over once those lights go up.” he admits. Concert goers, particularly Andre’s female fans, describe his set as “riveting and heart stopping“ as he brings his own brand of New Jersey heat to the stage in performances so electrifying that superstardom seems imminent.

He translates this same kinetic energy and chemistry in the studio as well. Evoking various emotions, the singer/songwriter who wrote or co-wrote nearly every song on the album, musically depicts tales of love lost, love found from the male perspective on his debut CD. “I like to say that my songs describe relationship challenges from a man’s point of view,” Andre points out. “My current single, ‘What I Gotta Do,’ tells the stOry of a man who got caught doing wrong, and what he has to do to make it right. Another selection, ‘Can’t Stop,‘ is very upbeat with a throwback sound, reflecting my love for old school music. This track is about a guy doing something that he shouldn’t have with a girl. It’s like I can’t stop, and I should have stopped,” Andre comments. “The title track, ’A New Song,” is the closing song in my show. On ‘A New Song,‘ I look at my life in general, and now that I know what the problem is, I have come up with a solution.” A new song and new sound from a new artist.

Andre‘s debut album reflects a refreshing change in musical direction while at the same time stirring the soul. From the opening track to the closing cut, Andre‘s fans will discover that his debut album, A New Song, hits the right note.